My Vesseltracker

Use My Vesseltracker to:

Accessing My Vesseltracker

To access My Vesseltracker, log in (not Cockpit), hover over your username, and click on My Vesseltracker, or click here to navigate there automatically.

Viewing and managing your account details

At the top of My Vesseltracker, there are multiple tabs that show you:

  • an Account overview (default view), which shows your Account details at the top

  • your Contact information, including your email, telephone number and address

  • your Profile, including a photo, nickname and About Me section

  • your Password, which you can change

Managing My Vessels and Alerts

The first two buttons on the Links section of the Account overview tab are:

Managing your photos, videos and news items

Also under the Links section of the Account overview tab are 3 buttons where you can view and manage all photos, videos and news that you have uploaded to the Vesseltracker website.

Click the edit icon to modify your content, or the garbage can icon to delete it.

Managing your antennas

The Antennas section of the Account overview tab allows antenna hosts to check the status of antennas linked to their account.

For more information, please see our Antenna Station Troubleshooting Guide.

Deleting your account

At the bottom of the Account overview tab, you can delete your account automatically (Free Account users only) or request that our team delete your account (all other account types).

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