Extended Vessel Search Tool

This tool allows users to search for specific vessels using very detailed parameters, such as:

  • Vessel type - eg. tanker, container vessel, passenger vessel
  • Vessel identification information - name, call sign and flag state
  • Size - length, width, deadweight and gross tonnage, and TEU capacity
  • Technical information - engine type, build year and yard
  • Voyage information - draught, current position and destination port
  • Administrative information - management, ownership and classification society

To use the tool:

  • Start by entering the specific criteria of the vessel or vessels you are interested in using the text boxes, selecting or de-selecting vessel types and sub-types, and clicking on Search.

  • The search results will appear in a new tab. You can add the search results to an existing My Vessels group, or create a new group to add them to.

  • If the search yields many results, they will be displayed in multiple pages which you can review by clicking on Previous, Next or the specific page number of interest.

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