My Zones Tool

The My Zones tool allows you to define your own geographic areas of interest, which you can use to create alerts when vessels enter or leave these zones.

Creating a My Zone

  1. Draw the shape using the five-sided or square icons at the top right.

    1. Click on the five-sided icon to draw a polygon with the desired number of sides. Click once to create the first corner of your polygon, continue clicking to define the rest of the polygon's points, and click a final time on top of, or near the first corner to close the polygon.

    2. Click on the square icon to define a rectangular zone, by clicking and dragging your mouse.

  2. Enter your new zone's name click Save.

  3. The marker will now appear on the map, and in the list in the My Zones tool.

To navigate to one of your My Zones, open the My Zones tool on and click on the locate icon next to its name.

You can delete a My Zones Interest by clicking the garbage can icon next to its name in the list.

See the Alerts section to learn how to create alerts with your newly-defined My Zones.

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