Live Mode

Live Mode shows real-time, or the most recent known vessel positions. It is Cockpit's default mode.

You can use the Vessels on Map Tool to locate specific vessels, or click on a vessel to see its complete information in the Vessel Information Sidebar.

Last seen filter

You can choose to show vessels last seen within a time period between 1 and 48 hours. The default is vessels seen within the last 12 hours.

Refresh timer

Data automatically reloads every 60 seconds.

You can pause data reload by clicking on the timer icon, which freezes the current live data for closer analysis.

Vessel Icons

Moving vessels are shown as a triangle pointing in the direction of the vessel's current course over ground (COG).

Stationary vessels are shown as a diamond.

If a vessel is contained in one of the user's vessel lists, its icon will be surrounded by a circle with the color the user has selected for that vessel list.

Vessels active in the sidebar

Vessels that are open in the Vessel Information Sidebar are marked with a square around the ship icon on the map:

An orange square indicates the vessel that is actively displayed in the Vessel Information Sidebar.

A white square indicates a vessel that is open in the Vessel Information Sidebar, but not actively displayed.

Zoom level

Different kinds of information are shown at different zoom levels:

  • At low and medium zoom levels, a maximum of 6000 ships are shown on the map at a time, with larger vessels taking priority over smaller vessels.

  • At high zoom levels, a polygon outline of the ship is displayed in addition to its icon.

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