Release notes:

The New Cockpit is still in active development and we will release new versions of this guide as we develop and release new features.

Update 1 Sept 2020: Vessel Reports, Antenna Details Page, My Vesseltracker

Update 17 Jul 2019: Improved History Mode and Vessels on Map Tool

Update 15 December 2018: Share my vessel group with other users in the same company

Update 1 November 2018: Weather map and Antenna coverage for antenna Partner

Update 2 Aug 2018: Modes - Live, History, My Vessels and Ports

Update 28 Feb 2018: Login refactoring

Update 22 Jan 2018: Geodata in search tab, My Zones, search on notes in my vessels and port dashboard

Update 8 Dec 2017: Distance measurement tool

Update 25 Oct 2017: Weather at current vessel position and saved view shortcut keys added

Update 16 Oct 2017: Fleet Account added and interface updates added

First version: 11 Sept 2017

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