My Vessels Mode

My Vessels Mode allows you to organize vessels into groups and view only those vessels on the map.

In My Vessels Mode, you can:

Creating new groups and modifying group names

  • Create a new group by typing a name into the form at the top of the My Vessels sidebar and pressing the Save button .

  • Change an existing group name by clicking on a group name, which will open a second sidebar. You can change the group name by clicking the Edit button and renaming the group.

General functionality for My Vessels groups

  • Click on the group name to open a second sidebar listing all the vessels contained in the group.

  • To view detailed information of all vessels in one group, click on the list icon next to the the group name.

  • The orange number next to the group name shows how many vessels are in a group.

  • For Fleet Account users only: two numbers will be displayed in Satellite fleet groups: the number on the left shows the number of vessels currently in the group, and the number on the right shows the total number of vessels that are allowed to be tracked by satellite.

  • To hide or show a group on the map, click on the eye icon beside the group name on the My Vessels sidebar.

  • To delete an entire group, click on the down arrow beside the group name and then on the garbage icon .

Bulk adding vessels to a group

  • Click on the group name in the My Vessels sidebar and a new sidebar will appear.

  • Click on the download icon next to the group name a text box will appear.

  • Enter the list of IMO or MMSI numbers of the vessels you want to add to your group. A list of all vessels in our database with matching IMO and/or MMSI numbers will appear.

  • Click Add vessel(s) to group to add these vessels to your vessel group.

Detailed vessel list

Click on the list icon next to a vessel group name to open a tab showing very detailed information about each vessel in the list.

You can filter information by typing in the filter text box at the top of each column, for example:

Organizing vessels by color

Vessels that are in a My Vessels group will be shown on the map with a colored circle around them. By default, this color will be white; however there are a total of 7 different colors that can be used to group the vessels visually.

To change the color of an entire vessel group:

  • Click on the group name in the My Vessels sidebar to open a second sidebar listing the vessels contained in the group.
  • Click on the square left of the group name and select the color for your group.

It is also possible to change the color of an individual vessel by clicking on the square left of the vessel's name in the vessel group sidebar and selecting the color you wish to use.

Filtering vessels by color

Check and uncheck the color you want to filter My Vessels groups by color.

My Vessels Mode can also be combined with the Filtering Tool for additional filtering functionality.

Daily email reports with the latest vessel positions of a group

To receive a daily email report with the latest positions of all vessels in a My Vessels group:

  • Click on the name of the group you would like to receive positions to open it in the second sidebar

  • Click on the report icon at the top right of the second sidebar

  • Enter one or more email addresses to receive the report, with multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon ( ; )

  • Select a daily time (in UTC) to send the report

  • Click on Create Reports to finish. You can also delete reports that you have created by clicking on the garbage can icon .

You will now receive a daily email from containing your report as a PDF attachment, with the following information for all vessels in the group:

  • vessel name
  • IMO number
  • current speed
  • current navigational status
  • last port
  • current position
  • destination port
  • ETA
  • owner
  • manager

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